Welcome to County 8 Pottery

A yellow and white textured handmade pottery vase sits on a dark brown wooden bench. There are a bunch of decorative dried chilis in the vase. Behind the vase is a background of green leaves and yellow and orange wildflowers. The vase is by Ann Ohotto Thompson for County 8 Pottery.

Ann Ohotto Thompson is a potter and artist that works in red earthenware clay and primarily makes functional wares such as mugs, platters, olive oil decanters and other functional items.

Each piece is hand constructed from a slab of highly textured clay and finished with bold colors and black patina details.

Ann has been working in clay since 1999 and in 2016 she set up her home studio. In 2021 she opened County 8 Pottery gallery to the public. 

Ann has a passion for creating and helping people find a functional piece of art that people can use in their everyday life.

Each piece of pottery is a small monument of intrigue, vibrant colors and delight.

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A red coffee mug sits on a little dark brown wooden stand, surrounded by green leaves and yellow flowers. The cup has texture and patterns on the cup, handle, and inside of the mug. The mug was handmade by Ann Ohotto Thompson for County 8 Pottery.
Two handmade pottery teapots sit on a dark brown wooden bench in front of a clump of yellow wildflowers. One teapot is white and orange, and the other is yellow and light blue. Both are made by Ann Ohotto Thompson for County 8 pottery.
A line of four handmade serving trays sit on a metal grate outside by some green mint plants. They are all oval shaped ,and each has different textures and patterns carved into the top. They are all brown in the center, with a different color rim on each one, one is light blue, pink, dark blue, and orange. They are all handmade pottery by Ann Ohotto Thompson for her pottery shop, County 8 Pottery.